Sunday, October 9, 2016

2nd Presidential Debate - Part 2

The first half-hour is over.

Remember, the first half-hour is critical. Who wins the first half-hour usually wins the debate. Donald Trump (though he's still sniffling) has WOM the first half-hour, without a doubt. Now he nails her on health care and says "she wants to go to single payer. Hillary Clinton has been after this forever."

And now Cooper throws Bill Clinton's characterization of health care ("the craziest thing in the world") back at her. And Hillary goes into policy wonk mode trying to be for and against (sort of) Obamacere at the same time.

She says "let's fix what's broken" about Obamacare. Trump says "everything's broken about it."

Trump goes back to Obama's words: "You keep your doctor. You keep your plan." And he ads: "It was a lie. the whole thing was a fraud."

Hillary is starting to look forlorn. She looks like she's drifting as she listens to Trump talk. He lips are pursed. Trump hits at Hillary for not using the words "radical Islamic terror."

Clinton is coming across as cosmetic -- trying to be touch-feely. She talks about the Islamic terrorist threat by mentioning Muhammed Ali. "I've worked with a lot of Muslin groups around America," she says. And says she wants to defeat ISIS "only with a coalition of other nations." But she still refuses to use the words "radical Islamic terror."

Trump to Radditz: "You interrupt me all the time. Why don't you interrupt her." He says Hillary wants to raise Muslim immigration to the US by more than 500%. Hillary says she won't let "anyone into our country who poses a risk to us."

Hillary's demeanor is not good tonight. She's clearly flustered when trump is on the attack.

Trump:"She wants amnesty for everybody. Come right in, come right on over."

Again and again tonight, Hillary is on the defensive. She's asked about he comment on politicians "needing to have public and private positions." She gives a convoluted answer that has something to do with the movie Lincoln.

"She lied. Now, she blaming the lie on the late, great Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln never told a lie." Now he turns to Hillary: "Not like you."

And then Trump says that the people (zillionaires) who contribute to Hillary "take massive, massive tax deductions -- far bigger deductions than me."

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