Thursday, October 13, 2016

Let's Look At It Rationally For A Moment, OK?

From Dr. Michael Hurd, a psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker come some very cogent observations:
The most insightful thing I’ve yet read about the Donald Trump sex talk scandal is this:
How ironic, then, that a culture which rejects moral standards has suddenly become so pure and pristine, sitting in judgment of someone they deem too immoral to become president because of something he said in private. As a logical person, I have to ask these paragons of newly found virtue where this standard by which they’ve judged Trump is found.If morality is relative to each individual—a purely subjective experience—by what standard are they judging Trump? Obviously, in such a secular climate, there can’t even be a “standard.”Why should anyone listen to people who out of one side of their mouths declare the death of objective moral standards yet out of the other condemn someone for violating objective moral standards?Morality is not subjective. Human beings possess the capacity for rationality and objectivity. We’re able to distinguish what’s good and what’s bad. 
Trump’s trashy comments do not . . . 
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