Thursday, October 13, 2016

This Letter From A Friend Is A Great Read!

A Facebook friend writes:
Here it is: this election has turned into a no-holds-barred effort from the people who want to take down America as we know it and turn us into France or Greece.
This is the final battle between American Exceptionalism vs secular collectivism, and they know it. Everything is at stake, and they will stop at nothing. Journalistic integrity? Gone. Fair play at the polling stations? Gone. No rule or law is too sacred to break.
I fully expect NBC to publish a story on Nov 7 claiming that Donald Trump groped Mother Theresa 40 years ago.
I guess the silver lining is that people and organizations who needed to be exposed finally have their true colors showing. The globalist, neo-imperialist elite and their accomplices in the media and in BOTH parties in Congress have been exposed. Here is one little snippet that really set me off. Trump was accused by NeverTrump of mocking a disabled reporter. As someone who has spent countless hours canning for coins to support a local school for special needs students, I took this charge very seriously, investigated it, and found it to be an ugly smear job.
But that's beside the point. A NeverTrump group with 3,000 Facebook followers yesterday posted a meme clearly, outrageously attacking Trump supporters as "Trumptards", featuring pictures of special needs individuals with thought bubbles saying "I'm voting for Trump." Now THAT is offensive, that is mocking, and that my friends is the phony, hypocritical, self-righteous nature of NeverTrump on full display.
Same for all the indignation shown to Trump over women by those who had no problem pulling the lever for rapist Clinton twice.
This election isn't about who Donald J. Trump did or didn't grope 20 years ago.
This election is about whether we continue to sell our own country up the river to Communist China by letting them devalue their currency and subsidize warehouse space to dump their cheap steel and finished products here.
This is about whether or not we end up with a 7-2 or 6-3 secular Marxist majority on the Supreme Court.
This is about whether we have a president who turns our State Department into her personal fundraising operation, sells uranium to Russia, and weapons to ISIS, who thinks half of the country are gun-clinging rednecks or those especially deplorable Catholics.
This is about the unborn.
This is about religious freedom.
I know not know what course others will take, but I will be proudly casting my vote for Donald J. Trump.
God save the Republic.

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