Sunday, October 9, 2016

Live Blogging Second Presidential Debate - Pat 1

And so, one of the momentous debates ever.
And we're just about to begin.

We're being told that the pressure on Trump is enormous. But don't you think there's some pressure on Hillary as well? Lots of baggage there. Lots.

I'm watching Megan Kelly. My guess is Megan will leave Fox and jump ship to the liberal media. The handwriting is on the wall. She's big into being A Star now. That's her new milieu.

Be sure of this: The moderators are left-leaning. Let's hope they can be somewhat fair tonight. They are, for the most part, part of NYC/DC media unithink.

Here we go.

And so the first question is from an African-American woman and it seems to be a setup -- about modeling appropriate behavior for today's youth. Hillary answers with a min-lecture about "respect" and "overcoming divisiveness."  She says she wants the nation to "come together."

Trump says "I agree with everything she said." And then Trump pivots and swings into Obamacare and he starts hitting at the Iran deal. He talks about the nation's potential and our massive trade deficit -- $800 million. He also talks about the murders of police officers.  So Trump begins by hitting hard on the issues.

Now, Cooper swings into the "locker room talk" of Trump that was on the tape and he talks about ISIS chopping off heads and drowning people in cages and "the carnage all over the world" and he compares this to that. "I will knock the hell out of ISIS. We're gonna defeat ISIS."

But Cooper wants to keep pressing Trump on this. He wants to know of Trump if he has abused women: "No I have not," Trump says.

Now Clinton goes into contemplative, sort of touch-feely mode. She says she's never questioned the fitness of other GOP nominees to serve "but Donald Trump is different" and she swings into what "Donald Trump things about women and what he does to women" and says the video shows "exactly who he is and what he thinks."

"So, yes, this is who Donald Trump is," she says.

And Hillary goes back to this: "America already is great but we are great because we are good."

Trump tries to answer but then he is cut off. And now Martha Radditz goes back to the Trump tape and she's throwing in canned questions designed to attack Trump. And now, Trump swings into an attack on Bill Clinton: "There's never been anybody in the history of the politics of this nation who has been so abusive to woman. And he talks about four of the victims of Bill and Hillary's actions "who are here with us tonight." He mentions their names. "When Hillary brings up a point like that and she talks about words that I said years ago and I think she ought to be ashamed of herself." This is clearly rhwon Hillary off. And she says "When they go low, you go high."

But then Hillary attacks Trump: "If this were just about woman, maybe he what he said tonight would be believable." And now she btings up the Kahns and the Mexican-American judge. And she also throws in the birther issue: "He owes the president an apology and he owes our country an apology."

And Trump comes right back: "You should apologize for the 33,000 e-mails that you deleted and you acid washed." And he adds: "If I win, I'm going to instruct my Attorney General to appoint a special prosecutor to look into your situation." This is tough. It is direct. It is damaging. "You ought to be shamed of yourself."

Now, Hillary's in trouble. And she's resorted to the old "fact check" mantra and she starting to lose it. She tells people to go to her website. And then trump basically tells her if there was any real justice "You's be in jail."

Trump's clearly got Hillary on the ropes now. She's bumbling and talking about "mistakes" she made and trying [desperately] to defend herself over the e-mails.

Trump: "She's lying again." And now trump brings up Bill Clinton's meeting on the airplane "a private meeting for more than 30 minutes."

She's in trouble. Because "I'd like to get to the questions."

And now a questioner in the audience hits hard at Obamacare saying that the costs of "everything" having to do with Obamacare "have gone up." And Hillary [who enabled it and supported it] says she's gonna fix it.

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