Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Live Blogging Vice Presidential Debate - Part 2

Now, in the second half-hour of the debate, Pence seems to seize the moment while endorsing community policing and strongly condemning those who bash the police and who have undermined them and admonishing Kaine and Clinton for "seizing on these moments of tragedy and seeking every opportunity to criticize enforcement." Pence really shines here. He calmly but very strongly and effectively makes his point.

But again the moderator is bashing Trump and pence. She asks provocative questions of Pence and virtually none of Kaine. And this is the clear pattern here tonight. Pence: "Let's not have the reflex of assuming the worst of the men and women in law enforcement." And now we're on stop and frisk. But the moderator keeps needling going back to the same provocative question again and again.

And so now again Kaine goes back to the birther issue and launches a broad personal attack on Trump. Then, after Kaine scores, the moderator allows no time for Pence to answer and changes the subject.

But now Pence goes after "the avalanche of insults launched against us" and now he hits hard with Clinton's "basket of deplorables" comment.  And again, when Pence scores, the moderator goes back to Kaine and allows him to control the debate once again.

You have to wonder why Pence has not mentioned the e-mails, the lying under oath, the Clinton foundations, Benghazi, all the Clinton scandals, etc. Pence is too often, too nice.

Kaine has funny, goofy eyebrows. At times he appears mean and almost apoplectic. But the worst part is his petulant, childish interrupting and talking over people.

Kaine: "Donald Trump can't start a Twitter war with Miss universe without shooting himself in the foot."  Kaine's only hope is to make Trump the ONLY issue and he's working it very, very hard. While he's doing it, Pence chuckles at Kaine and, after Kaine finishes he says: "Did you work on that a long time, because that one had a lot of creative lines in it." It's a very backhanded compliment to say the least. Pence handled this deftly.

Pence scores a point so now the moderator goes after Pence again, swiping at trump's "extreme vetting."

Kaine keep seem to be able to keep still while Pence is criticizing his views and his side. Again he interrupts and he's allowed to take the time and seize control. When he doesn't have the floor, he squirms his neck like the late Rodney Dangerfield. But he's keep Pence on the defensive. Again, Pence is too polite!

And now the moderator feeds Kaine a near setup question about an "intelligence surge" that Clinton has proposed.

Now Pence tries to talk about the private server that Hillary had and the whole e-mail fiasco and he's cut off.

And that's the end of the second half-hour.

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