Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Live Blogging The Vice Presidential Debate - Part 3

Somebody just said that Kaine looks like the face on the Kool-Aid pitcher and it's certainly clear that he drank the radical liberal Kool-Aid tonight. BTW: He has no lips.

Well, again the moderator cuts off Pence. It's exasperating!

Pence: "The weak and feckless foreign policy of Obama and Clinton has awakened the Russian bear." pence points to an old adage: "the Russian bear never dies, it just hibernates."

Every time Pence begins to make a cogent point Kaine interrupts him -- cuts him off. And the moderator cooperates with him.

Pence hits at Kaine on Israel: "I know you boycotted Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech." But Kaine jumps in: "I visited him in his office." And Pence responds: "You boycotted the speech."

Now Kaine is back on the attack against Trump. Kaine is now occasionally smirking. It's unpleasant but one wonders how it's really playing throughout the nation.

Kaine seems to have taken a page from Biden in 2012: "Condescend, be dismissive, be disdainful, attack, attack, attack."

Now Kaine is actually attacking Donald Trump's sons. He'll stop at nothing.

But after all he's said, Kaine is now forced to admit: "We do have to deal with Russia in a lot of different ways."

This is a tiring debate, largely thanks to Kaine and the moderator.

I've just received word that one of those "scientific" focus groups says they're being turned off both by Kaine's interruptions and the moderator's interruptions.

Finally, now Pence has brought up the Clinton Foundation and the many dollars raised through the foundation from foreign governments.

But Kaine just goes right back into attacking Trump.

And Kaine is allowed to go on and on without being stopped by the moderator.

Kaine is relentless. He simply will not stop talking over Pence and interrupting. Again, when Pence tries to talk about the 33,000 deleted Clinton e-mails, the moderator cuts him off.

Now, at the end of the debate, Pence really comes on strong on abortion and he really scores. He lays it on Kaine on the straddling Kaine has done -- being personally opposed to abortion but supporting partial birth abortion as well as taxpayer-funded abortion. Pence does this calmly and directly and he's gentle about it but nonetheless persuasive.

In response to this, Kaine launches another attack on Trump.

Pence: "A society needs to be judged by how it deals with its most vulnerable: the aged, the infirmed, the indigent and the unborn."

In the end, Pence gives a beautiful closing statement with a plea for change.

It's basically over, folks!

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