Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Warning: It Would Be 'Completely Irresponsible!'

Senator Christopher “Kip” Bateman (R-Somerset, Mercer, Hunterdon, Middlesex) released the following statement in opposition to Governor Christie’s proposed legislation to use Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield’s reserve funds.

Sen. Kip Bateman said Gov. Christie’s proposal to raid Horizon’s reserve funds is completely irresponsible and could put the health and safety of millions of New Jersey residents at risk. (iStock)
“Governor Christie’s proposal to raid Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield’s reserves is completely irresponsible,” Senator Bateman said. “Nearly half of all New Jerseyans are Horizon customers, including some of our most vulnerable residents. I will not support legislation that could put their health and welfare at risk.

“I agree that we need find a better way to fund efforts to combat the addiction crisis. However, putting millions of people in a position where they can no longer afford to pay for health insurance will create another public health crisis.

“The recent S&P report is hard evidence that taking Horizon’s reserves will negatively impact the company, and in turn, their consumers. There is no justification for forcing a stable insurance agency to become unstable, especially right now.

“With so much uncertainty in Washington, we have to focus on keeping health insurance in New Jersey as secure and accessible as possible. The healthcare landscape is changing at the speed of light and people are terrified of losing their coverage. I will vote against any legislation that blocks the State’s largest insurance carrier from continuing to provide affordable coverage to our residents.”

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