Saturday, July 1, 2017

Quite An Amazing (And Beneficial) Week, Indeed!

Here is a very special message from the cardinal Newman Society:

What an amazing week for Catholic education!

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 7-2 in Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Comer thatreligious institutions cannot be blocked from government funding, simply because they are religious.

The next day, the Court ordered two states to reconsider their discrimination against religious schools in light of the Trinity Lutheran ruling:

  • It vacated a ruling by the New Mexico Supreme Court, which prevented students at religious schools from receiving state-funded textbooks.
  • It vacated a Colorado Supreme Court ruling that halted a school choice program, because students at religious schools were allowed to participate.
Trinity Lutheran finally starts to unravel the nationwide web of anti-Catholic discrimination known as “Blaine amendments”—state laws and constitutional amendments designed to block Catholic schools and organizations from access to government programs.

It’s possible that the Trinity Lutheran ruling may open the doors wide open for school choice for Catholic families!

The Cardinal Newman Society has long promoted the Church’s teaching that Catholic families have an equal right to public funds for education. We also have warned that preserving the truth and fidelity of Catholic education is the highest priority, and not all “school choice” programs are safe for Catholic schools.

That’s why the Newman Society’s task remains the same: protect the religious freedom of Catholic schools and colleges and strengthen their Catholic identity, by promoting clear and consistent policies that are faithful to Catholic teaching. Ultimately, the Supreme Court can’t save our schools from secularism if we ourselves fail to uphold the true mission of Catholic education.

Have a very special Independence Day! We have much to celebrate. Please give thanks to God for religious freedom and pray that He protects Catholic education.

 In Christ,

 Patrick Reilly

P.S. You’ll want to read the speech given by an outstanding Notre Dame student (posted on our website here), urging fidelity and truth at Our Lady’s University. Impressive!

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