Monday, August 7, 2017

In Both High Times And Low, He Was Ours . . .

You don't want to miss this:

I hopped in an Uber Sunday night, right after I’d spent three hours at a radio station complaining about the ills of the world. Drug-addled mothers who leave their babies in motel rooms, affirmative action policies that pit one minority against another, Democrats who are so desperate to win back seats they’re willing to fund the campaigns of anti-abortion candidates.

Three hours wasn’t nearly enough. But I wanted to spend the half hour between the studio and my Delco home with some tranquillity, so I settled into the backseat and buried my face in my recently cracked iPhone. And at exactly 11:10 p.m., I saw it

Click here to read the rest of Christine Flowers' column from the Philadelphia Daily News.

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