Friday, August 4, 2017

This Is A TOP TEN List You Just Can't Miss!

From today's online edition of Philadelphia magazine:
Ed Note: We had a lot of fun putting together this year’s Media, Politics & People (aka “The 38 Philadelphians We Love”) portion of our Best of Philly issue. But not everybody is happy with it. Here, local PR consultant and blogger Dan Cirucci responds to what he sees as a lack of political diversity in the list.
When I saw Philly Mag’s “Best People” list this year, all I could think was: Ugh. Too much of the usual crowd of liberal unthinkers. Of course, I wasn’t exactly surprised.
It’s not easy being a conservative or a Republican in the Philadelphia region. The media, academia, the popular culture, and nearly all of the area’s movers and shakers are lined up against you.
But there are a lot of us out there. More than you’d think. (In case you missed it, there’s a Republican in the White House.)
And since Philly Mag all but ignored half of the population, I thought I would  . . . 
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