Friday, September 1, 2017

Well, Maybe They SHOULD Remove Those Statues!

Here is a very important message from the Cardinal Newman Society:

Yikes. When the Newman Society starts arguing for the removal of Catholic artwork from a Catholic school, I get nervous.

You too?

But in the case of a school that is rapidly shedding its Catholic identity, maybe it’s time for a reckoning! Perhaps the school ought to “decommission” and stop claiming to provide a Catholic education.

That’s the argument in Dan Guernsey’s article this week, “Removing Catholic School’s Statues May Be Necessary.” Read Dan’s article by clicking here.

You’ve probably heard about San Domenico School, the 167-year-old Catholic school in the Bay Area of California, which removed 162 paintings and statues—including one of the Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus—for fear of “alienating” atheists and students of other faiths.As Dan explains, this is just one of several signs of problems at this school.

This completely misses the point of Catholic education: “securing the Supreme Good, that is, God, for the souls of those who are being educated,” according to Pope Pius XI.

Catholic schools and homeschools must respond with clear, dynamic, and challenging instruction that presents a higher path, a better way that explicitly addresses our students’ weaknesses and misconceptions about themselves, the Church, and reality.

That is why the Newman Society is committed to promoting and defending faithful Catholic education. It makes a critical difference in the lives and souls of our youth.

Please say a prayer for all who work in Catholic education this Labor Day. May the Holy Spirit touch their hearts and minds as they head back to the classroom next week. And please pray for the families who are suffering in Houston!

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Patrick Novecosky
Vice President of Coalition Relations

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