Thursday, December 27, 2007

Getting Real

Today's assassination of Pakistan opposition leader Benazir Bhutto once again places foreign policy and national security front and center as we head into 2008.
We live in a dangerous world. When will we realize that we are living through historic and treacherous times? How often do we need to be reminded of this?
As we prepare to choose a new leader for the free world we must put aside passing and frivolous concerns. We need someone who is seasoned, experienced, sensible and well-versed in world affairs.
We need someone who has truly served -- someone who has been responsible for leading, for making tough decisions, for exercising sound judgment. This is no time to take a chance on anyone who has only served briefly in public office or who has led a small, insignificant state or jurisdiction.
A sunny smile or clever turn of the phrase or mindless declaration of "compassion" simply will not suffice.
We are facing a long, protracted struggle with forces that want to destroy us. This is a time for seasoned, trusted, tested leadership.

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