Thursday, March 3, 2011

Live Sex Toy Demonstration On College Campus

Northwestern University has now acknowledged that during a live sex toy demonstration on its campus last week students observed a naked woman being penetrated by a sex toy.
And get this: The demonstration followed a psychology professor's human sexuality class.
Though attendance was optional, about 100 students stayed on for the live sex demonstration said to be conducted by Faith Kroll and her fiance, Jim Marcus
Reportedly, the demonstration was conducted using "a machine-powered saw with a phallic object instead of a blade."  The Chicago Tribune said the couple are "exhibitionists" and that they enjoy having people watch them have sex.
The "guest lecturer" who spoke to the professor's class on the topic and who appears to have been the catalyst for the demonstration that followed will reportedly be paid several hundred dollars by the university's College of Arts and Sciences.
Here's the way the psychology professor explained this to the Tribune:
 “The students find the events to be quite valuable, typically, because engaging real people in conversation provides useful examples and extensions of concepts students learn about in traditional academic ways.”
Oh, is that what they call it now?


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its immoral act by Teacher..
a Sexual Act By Faith Kroll for the Students full post

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