Friday, November 9, 2012

You Pick 2016 GOP Nominee. Who's Your Choice?

The election's over.
What's done is done.
It's now time to look ahead.
Take our poll and tell us your choice for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. We've got lots of potential candidates to pick from. In fact, they're quite an appealing crop and they span nearly all groups: men, women, black, white, Hispanic and Asian.
There are many to choose from.
But we want you to vote. Tell us who you like right now.
Answer our poll at the top right hand corner of this page.
Do it!
BTW: We've had to erase the first 11 votes that were cast and start over again as we left a few names out. If you've already voted, please vote again. If you haven't, vote now!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like Jeb Bush, but we cannot nominate another Bush; there is just too much hatred toward the Bush family. Honestly, I cannot think of anybody right now that I think can win....especially when we have voter fraud like in Florida and probably everywhere else:

Out of 175,554 registered voters, 247,713 vote cards were cast in St. Lucie County, Florida on Tuesday. Barack Obama won the county.

Coincidentally (or not), St. Lucie County is also in Allen West's district, where 6,000 votes mysteriously "shifted" from Mr. West to his challenger.