Thursday, September 10, 2015

This 'Deal' Ain't No Deal, OK?

The great Matt Rooney (founder of Save Jersey) writes on Facebook as follows:
The Iran "deal" isn't a deal. I'm not going to call it that anymore nor should you. A deal, by definition, is "an arrangement for mutual advantage." One or more items need to be exchanged for something else. Not only have all of this document's supporters been embarrassingly unable to articulate how it benefits anyone other than Iran (so it ain't mutual), but if an agreement lacks a mechanism to stop the thing it's designed to prevent (e.g. a nuclear Islamo-fascist holocaust), then it's not a contract that I would ever advise a client to sign in any context... ever. Would you? So this non-deal is in actuality a surrender document intended to appease bad faith actors. Even if Iran FOLLOWS IT AND DOESN'T BREACH, which everyone including the Administration admits is extremely unlikely, they will STILL get a bomb in the next decade or so. Support it if you want... just don't call it a "deal." It's not. Democrats need to call it what it is and let the American people decide!

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