Thursday, January 7, 2016

Congress Has Acted, But That's Not Enough . . .

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Moments ago both houses of Congress finally agreed to a bill to repeal Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood. The bill passed the House of Representatives 240-181 and will now be sent to President Obama’s desk.

Will he veto it? Of course...

For seven years, Obama used Harry Reid and Senate Democrats to filibuster and block reforms supported by a majority of the American people. And let’s not forget that prior to this, Obama and Reid chided Republicans for being a “party of ‘NO’” and for opposing bipartisan legislation.

So now Obama must make a decision.

Will he be the new “President No!?”

Will President Obama continue to force Americans to subsidize the nation’s largest abortion provider with over $500 million a year?

And will Obama continue to insist that Americans suffer under his unworkable health care law that is gouging Americans and threatening religious liberty? 

IMPORTANT: This law was passed via a legislative process known as “reconciliation” that allows Republicans to overcome a filibuster attempt. This means that if a Republican wins in November, and Republicans maintain control of the Senate, Harry Reid cannot play his obstructionist games.

Barack Obama is ideologically committed to abortion and government-first health care. So you and I both know he will veto this bill.

But when he does veto it, he will be sending a clear message to all those Americans who live paycheck to paycheck that there will be no relief from his costly and failed health care boondoggle, and that taxpayers like you will be forced to keep sending your hard-earned money to the country’s largest provider of abortion -- until he is gone.

His veto will only energize the country to elect a pro-life President to get the job done once and for all! 

Many people are understandably frustrated with Republicans in Congress. But today the obstacle to progress is President Obama, and Republicans deserve credit for following through on their promises.

We hope today’s votes are just the beginning. Republicans should continue to send bill after bill to Obama to sign. Every new veto will make the case for a new President.

And come November, America will get to choose.


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