Friday, January 8, 2016

The Advantages Of Floating . . . . .

In his landmark musical Pacific Overtures, Stephen Sondheim wrote about the advantages of floating in the middle of the sea.
His was writing about the island nation of Japan.
But he could have been writing about cruise travel.
Well, we're not exactly floating here in the middle of the Caribbean or some portion of the Atlantic or wherever we happen to be now, roughly somewhere between Aruba and Central America.
No, we're moving along at a steady clip -- not floating at all.
But it almost feels like we're floating. Such is the nature of cruise travel generally and, more specifically, aboard a Holland America luxury liner like the Zuiderdam which we are currently enjoying.
There's no push and pull and no swaying to speak of as we move swiftly through the sea on the Zuiderdam. And this is one of the many advantages of cruise travel.
Here are some others:

It's tranquilizing -- remarkably so, in fact. It's nearly impossible to be stressed out on a ship such as this. And you will soon find all your worries slipping away. You're simply miles and miles away and blessedly out-of-touch.
Every view is a good view. Wherever you look you're enjoying a waterside view. And looking far out to the horizon, the ocean is simply spectacular.
The sunsets are wonderful -- big, vivid, hugely memorable.
The night sky is bejeweled. With no artificial light to distract from the natural darkness, on a clear night you'll see every star and then some.
 You'll gain a whole new perspective. Yes, you'll begin to realize, as you experience nature in all its endless grandeur, just how infinitesimal you really are. And that's a good thing -- it's healthy. This sense of wonder in the face of infinity is something we could all use a bit more of.  

So, yes -- we're recommending cruise travel for this and the many other reasons we've enunciated.
And, we'll be keeping you up to date as best we can from day to day as we journey to the Panama Canal and other parts of central and South America.
Stay with us!

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