Wednesday, September 6, 2017

You Can't Deny It: The Results ARE Impressive!

Governor Christie: When we launched our reform agenda in 2011, if there was agreement about anything in Newark, it was that the schools were still in crisis. What are the foundational pieces of our children’s education? Math and English. They form the basis of achievement and understanding for everything else we do. So let’s look at the numbers.

In 2011, Newark was in the 41st percentile in Math, statewide, 41st. Six years later, after these reforms, In 2016, after our reforms, Newark now is in the 75th percentile, statewide. From 41st to 75th in math.

In 2011, Newark was in the 44th percentile in English. Six years later, Newark is now in the 78th percentile in English, statewide.

These undeniable numbers representing extraordinary achievement by Newark’s children, under our reforms. Next, we are meaningfully moving our children toward a diploma that matters and represents what it’s supposed to represent.

First, we begin by making graduation real – no more social, meaningless graduation, which was happening here six years much too often. How are we doing under this standard? In the 17 years before the reforms, the graduation rate increased by only six percentage points, in 17 years. Our new reform agenda has produced demonstrable results for Newark families by giving more children a diploma that actually means what it says.

So in 2011, as I mentioned the graduation rate was 59 percent. Up only six points in the 17 years preceding it. That’s brutally unacceptable for Newark families to have a 59 percent graduation rate. Six years later, under our reforms and stricter graduation requirements, graduation rates are now at 75 percent – a 16-point increase in six years.

Again, the facts don’t lie, undeniable progress under our reforms. Four-year graduation rates are up. Academic proficiency is up. College enrollment is up. Hard-earned achievement by these children, because we put them first and politics, as Chris said before, was put behind. More on that later.

In 2017, 75 percent of Newark Public School graduates are attending two- and four-year colleges. 75 percent of those who graduate are going to two- and four-year colleges. Students have been accepted to 135 technical, community, and four-year colleges across the country. Several Newark Charter Schools have achieved over 90 percent matriculation of students to college.

This year, seven students will be attending Ivy league universities on full scholarships, to Yale, to Princeton, to Penn, and Harvard.

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