Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christie's 'Time' Cover: Needlessly Disproportionate

Above is the cover of this week's Time magazine.
I think you will agree that this is not the most flattering photo of Chris Christie. His head seems hugely disproportionate. It almost seems to be pasted onto his shoulders -- blown up, artificially colored in darker sepia tones and just dropped in there like a big, flat, stale pancake. The photo is grossly in-your-face. And then there's the caption which is not only a play on words (the self-declared boss, Bruce Springsteen) but also evokes images of the Jersey mob, aka Tony Soprano. It's all just this side of a mug shot.
I'm guessing the photographer used a long lens or drew his camera in way close to the governor's face to create this effect.
Here's what Christie said this morning on the Don Imus show:
“I’m reportingTime Magazine to the, like anti-Italian defamation league. I mean, look at that thing. It says ‘boss’ underneath. I mean come on."
Bravo to The Gov for once again tellin it like it is.

BTW: Christie didn't fare much better on the cover of the New York Times magazine but at least the image is more proportionate. Here, the photographer shot looking up into Christie's face. While this showcases a double chin, it nonetheless gives Christie's face form and texture. He seems more real, more three-dimensional. And here we at least have warmer, more recognizable facial tones.

Maybe Christie would do better to be featured on the cover of The Weekly Standard or National Review. Maybe that would be more flattering. Maybe.

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