Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Patti Page: Remembering A Great Songstress

Patti Page really was the singing rage.
She was a hugely successful singer with strong country roots. But she topped all the charts at one time of another.
She made "Tennessee Waltz" one of the best-selling recordings ever and who can forget her wildly successful novelty song "How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?"
Patti Page has died. She was 85.
She died yesterday in Encinitas, Calif., according to her manager.
She was one of the top-selling female singers in history with more than 100 million record sales.
In 1947, she created a distinctive sound for the music industry by overdubbing her own voice when she didn't have enough money to hire backup singers for the single, "Confess."
What a string of great hits she had! Patti Page had 24 records in the top 10, including four that reached No. 1. And did you know that she was also the first singer to have television programs on all three major networks, including "The Patti Page Show" on ABC?
Patti Page had a plesant, easy-going personality and a wonderful stage demeanor. People loved her and she never tired of singing all her great hits.
Patti Page was one of America’s true musical icons. In the course of her seven-decade recording career, she become a living legend and one of the biggest selling female recording artists in history.
Patti’s silky-smooth voice engulfed the airwaves during the ‘50s and ‘60s, providing her with a staggering 111 hits, 15 gold records and four gold albums. Patti became the first crossover artist to take country music out of the country and onto the pop charts with such million record sellers as “Mockin’ Bird Hill,” “I Went To Your Wedding,” “Mister & Mississippi,” and, of course, the legendary “Tennessee Waltz,” which was #1 concurrently on all three charts (Pop, Country, & R&B) and sold more than 20 million copies. She was also the first artist to use multiple voice techniques on records.
Her accomplishments remain unparalleled.
She continued to use her sweet, tranquil voice to touch the hearts of many generations, recording four new albums in the past six years, one of which received a Grammy.
Until recently, she enjoyed performing 50 select concerts throughout the year, sharing her incredible list of chart-topping classics with her fans.
She will be missed!

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