Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ten Worst Sinatra Songs Ever; Check This List

Even the very best produce a clunker now and then.
And though during a remarkable career he produced the soundtrack of our lives, even Frank Sinatra recorded a few numbers that were so bad they didn't even rise to the level of forgettable.
So when we asked around for the ten worst Sinatra songs ever, we received more than a few suggestions.
But here (in no particular order) are the ten that are most often mentioned as the absolute worst:

Mrs. Robinson

Bang Bang (She Shot Me Down)

Tennessee Newsboy

Mama Will Bark (with Dagmar)

Isn't She Lovely

I Sing The Songs

Just The Way You Are

To Love A Child

Satisfy Me One More Time

I Went Down To Virginia

Some others: Catana, It's Not Easy Being Green, Bad Bad Leroy Brown, Something, God's Country, Early American and Siesta.

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