Friday, May 22, 2015

Kenney's Uber Lib Mean Streak A Philly Menace

The inimitable Christine Flowers writes cogently (and accurately!) about Philly Dem mayoral nominee Jim Kenney in today's Daily News:
Kenney is the kind of convert to progressive causes that makes your head spin, and that type of spinning often brings on nausea. I know that there are many in the media, progressives all, who are thrilled with the man's positions on the legalization of (some) drugs, on the figurative handcuffing of police and on turning everyone who opposes gay marriage into a conservative Christian version of an ISIS terrorist, but I am not one of them.
There is something upsetting about a man who, because a company's religious owner makes a public, constitutionally protected statement about the "arrogance" of those who support same-sex unions, wants to run that man's company out of town. A few years ago, when Chick-fil-A's president Dan Cathy said that he believes in the "biblical definition of the family unit," Kenney pandered to the masses and penned a public letter that told Cathy to hit the road, Jack(ass.) Of course, the erstwhile councilman had every right to express his opinion.
But there's that little, insignificant issue of religious freedom that Kenney overlooked. If a city bars you from doing business because you express a faith-based belief, you start getting entangled in the First Amendment. It's more than a little troubling when a public official can't figure that one out, particularly in the city where the Constitution was signed, for Chrissake.
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