Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sleep In The Nude? Here's A Suggestion . . . .

Do you sleep in the nude?
Lots of people do -- and are comfortable that way.
And while there was a time when this used to be a provocative question, by today's standards it's actually quite tame. 
Which is to say that if you do sleep in the nude, one would hope that you have company with you. But even if you do, in a healthfully air-conditioned room, you might still need some light covering.
What to do?
Well, what about a nightshirt?
We've been wearing cozy cotton nightshirts (and flannel nightshirts in the winter) to bed for years.
We get them online from Wittmann Textiles and they are proudly made in the USA.
These nightshirts are extraordinary -- they're soft, ultra-comfortable cotton and the fabric actually conforms to your body over time. It becomes part of you.
Plus, nightshirts allow you both great comfort and great freedom when you sleep. They're far less constricting than underwear or pajamas (no buttons, no collars, no elastic waists, etc.) and you can even get these nightshirts in extra long versions if that's what you like. 
We particularly like the V neck on the Wittmann brand. You may see other nightshirts online but you won't find any like these. These are extraordinarily durable. We've been wearing them for years. Once you try them, you won't want to wear anything else to bed.
Click here for more information about these wonderful nightshirts and other fine products from Wittmann.

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