Monday, July 27, 2015

Five Good Things About The Trump Boomlet

Nothing seems to be able to stop Donald Trump's fledgling presidential campaign this summer. Nothing!
And, we've got to admit -- it's sort of fun to watch.
Here are five good things about the sudden Trump surge:

1) Trump is raising important issues that candidates in both parties have not addressed and don't seem to want to address or even talk about. For one thing, he's brought the immigration issue front and center. He's putting so-called "leaders" on the spot. That's good!

2) Trump makes entrenched, establishment figures very uncomfortable. He has a way of shaking up the whole inside-the-beltway crowd. We think that's healthy -- very healthy!

3) Trump can't be bought and can't be intimidated. The guy's got what's knows as FU Money. Get it? He simply doesn't care what Wall Street or any other Big Money sources think because he can fund himself and his campaign. And, he's likely to intimidate you before you get the chance to intimidate him.

4) Trump isn't afraid of Big Media. He's already mastered the media, and then some. He knows their game inside-out. So, not only is he not afraid of those in the media but he knows how to shame them, exploit then, expose them or simply use them if he has to.

5) Trump appears to be direct, spontaneous and unrehearsed. This is refreshing. There's an excitement about the guy. And, let's face it -- he really is a bigger-than-life character.

So, don't fret.
Sit back and take it all in.
We're living in interesting times and shaking the foundations of Washington fat cats, media blabbers, journalistic elites, Wall Street big shots and academic snobs -- well, all of that ain't such a bad thing.
It'll all sort itself out.
For now, enjoy!

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