Thursday, July 30, 2015

Three More Dems Eyeing Presidential Race

Yes, it's true.
With Hillary Clinton's campaign faltering amidst a shaky start, plunging poll numbers, a possible criminal investigation, evasive tactics and renewed allegations of marital infidelity surrounding Bill, Democrats are worried. Very worried.
The inevitability of Hillary doesn't seem quite so inevitable anymore.
And the Donald Trump candidacy has made Hillary seem more secretive, calculating and inauthentic than ever. Trump is a sharp contrast the the smug, established power the Clintons represent. His brash "realness" makes Hillary seem like plasticwoman.
So, it shouldn't surprise you that three major Democrat heavyweights are eyeing a presidential run.
In alphabetical order, here they are:
Joe Biden. Biden's top guy has reportedly already met with big time donors and is feeling out the money sources while the Biden people are said to be putting an initial campaign structure in place. After the death of his son, people say that Biden is contemplative but nonetheless passionate. He has a real sense of the value of time and a chance that he will probably never have again.
Al Gore. Gore has never gotten over his 2000 loss. Never. Let's face it, the guy easily won the popular vote. Ouch! And, since he's been out of the public eye for quite awhile, Gore is said to feel he can present himself to the American people anew. We hear he's tanned, rested and ready.
John Kerry. Kerry wants to wrap up this Iran deal and win the Nobel Prize. But he also reportedly has another run in mind. Few public figures (save perhaps for President Obama himself) are more vain and self-absorbed than Kerry. Like Obama, Kerry always thinks he's the smartest guy in the room. He feels he was cheated out of the Big Job once. So, in Kerry's eyes, we owe him.
Any one of these three (or even all of them) could jump in at any time now.
They may be older (nearly all the leaders of the national Democrat Party are). They may be beat up (nearly all the "new"ideas of the Democrat Party are). But their appetite for power has yet to be sated.
It's gonna be interesting!

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