Sunday, October 4, 2015

Seville: A Quintessential Iberian Gem

As we continue our thrilling Iberain adventure we find ourselves in Seville, Spain's fourth-largest city and one of the most seductive places on earth.
There is a captivating vibrancy about this grand old (and new) city that combines Spanish, Roman and Islamic influences from its storied history. Through its plazas, palaces, parks, bridges, walls, streets, alleys and passageways you will find much of the history of Europe -- both the good and the bad; the opulent and the sparse; the cultured and the crude; the senseless and the sublime.
At almost any hours Seville allures you like a giant bazaar -- a feast of sights and sounds.
Since Spaniards insist upon their treasured siesta (and you would, too in such a warm climate, even in October) everything runs a bit late in Seville and things really don't start popping until after dark when both natives and visitors flood the streets and promenades. The people-watching here is intoxicating and the crowds of all ages encourage a friendly mingling.
If all of this appeals to you, don't delay. Put Seville on your travel map and make plans to journey here pronto.

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