Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Catholic Vote Group Praises Rubio, Cruz

Here is a special message from catholicvote.org:

Voters in Iowa put statesmanship over showmanship. 

The results: Cruz triumphs, Rubio surges, Trump disappoints. 

Donald Trump received wall-to-wall media coverage for six months. Pollsters predicted he would win by a sizable number. Some pundits even claimed he would be “unstoppable” after Iowa. 

Not so fast, Mr. Trump. 

Across the board, the clear message was anti-establishment. GOP candidates Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, and John Kasich finished with a tiny percentage of the overall vote. Meanwhile outsiders Trump and Carson -- combined with young conservative Hispanic Senators Cruz and Rubio took nearly 85% of the vote. Cruz, Trump and Rubio all topped 41,000 votes -- surpassing the record number secured by winner Mike Huckabee in 2008. 

Meanwhile for Democrats the so-called ‘inevitable’ Hillary Clinton eked out 74-year old socialist from Vermont, helped by several caucus votes decided by coin flips. Entrance polls showed young voters and men overwhelmingly opposed to Hillary. The results were a stunning defeat for Planned Parenthood, who gave Hillary their first ever primary endorsement. 

Some final takeaways: 
  • In contrast to Trump -- leading vote-getters Cruz, Rubio and Carson are solid trustworthy candidates that CV members can proudly support.
  • Watch for Trump (and perhaps even Cruz) to paint the surging Marco Rubio as the ‘establishment’ option. But the truth is the combined success of Cruz and Rubio is a huge win for the movement dedicated to limited government, life, faith and family.
  • While New Hampshire will dominate coverage in the next week, the race will solidify when the candidates head to South Carolina in the third week of February. With the exception of Newt Gingrich, the winner of South Carolina has gone on to win the GOP nomination every year since 1980.
  • One year ago, Hillary was leading Bernie Sanders 68% - 7% in the polls. Once considered inevitable, Hillary has a huge new problem named Bernie. That said, barring an indictment, Hillary continues to be the safe bet as the eventual Democratic nominee. Enjoy the drama, but we suspect it won’t last.
We’re now plotting our next steps. 

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