Saturday, February 6, 2016

'Rawhide Declassified' - Reagan Military Aides Speak

Reflecting on his life after the presidency, Ronald Reagan
wrote in his autobiography:
But there was one person noticeably absent: the military aide, 
the person who, since twelve noon on January 20, 1981 had 
been at my side with the information I would need in case 
of a nuclear strike.”

In honor of President Reagan's birthday, Young America’s Foundation 
will host a panel discussion with six of the military aides who served 
under President Ronald Reagan, reunited for the first time since his Presidency.

The military aide has the vital task of ensuring that the “football” containing 
nuclear codes and protocol is accessible to the President at all times.

The panel will be moderated by Reagan Ranch Board of Governor and 
San Diego conservative radio host Mark Larson.

The featured panelists will include:

     Rear Admiral James J. Quinn | Navy
     Colonel Jose Murrati |Army
     Colonel Ron Thomas | Army
     Commander William J. Lee | Coast Guard
     Major General Thomas L. Carter | Air Force
     Lieutenant Colonel Mark Peterson | Marine Corps

Please join us online Saturday, February 6, at approximately 
7:15 pm ET / 4:15 pm PT to watch the live stream.

The full, archived program will be available as soon as the lecture is concluded 
at the same link (just click "Watch Live").

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