Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Announcing Our Choice For President, 2016

It's an unusual year for us.
Unusual, because all year we've really had no one, distinctive choice for president. None.
And now that the choices have whittled down to basically a handful of candidates, we're not able to select from among them, either.
Let's look at the options: Hillary is clearly damaged goods and she's so inauthentic that she herself doesn't know who she really is. Plus, she's got a real problem with the truth. Bernie is a beat up old socialist who, given the chance, never really accomplished a damned thing in all his years of public service. He's basically a relentless kvetcher and whiner -- little more.
And, on the other side, Donald Trump comes off as an immature egomaniac who can't get over himself. On top of that, he seems to have a Big Problem with strong, smart women and just about anybody else who doesn't share his views or even anyone looks at him the wrong way. His act wears thin very quickly. Ted Cruz? Well, there's just something oily about him -- something that seems to evoke growing suspicion. Dare we refer to him as Nixonian? And then there's Mr. "Nice Guy" -- John Kasich. Truth is, no seasoned politician can really be this nice. And even if he were, that wouldn't necessarily make him a good president -- a fine next-door-neighbor, for sure; but not president.
So, for now, we've eliminated all five.
And that's the way it's been for quite some time. We've simply had no candidate.

But, last night, something happened.
We saw a Real Leader. A man who inspires other. Someone who consistently gets the best out of others. This is a man who's a real team builder and team leader. No, wait -- like Reagan, he leads without seeming to lead. He leads, not just by example, but by making others believe in themselves; by making them excel; by helping them to contribute to and strengthen the whole for the greater good of all.

You know who he is.
He's Villanova University's coach Jay Wright.
He's strong, determined, insightful, calm and cool. Look at how steady and in control he was last night. He's not boastful. He's not a bully. He's secure in himself. He graciously shares success, taking a quiet pride in earned accomplishments. He brings no undue attention to himself.
And yet, no one can deny that he's focused; that he's a tough competitor and that he's passionate about achieving goals that he sets for himself and others.
Through it all, his own appearance and demeanor bespeak an admirable level of self-respect and respect for others. In a grossly crass world, he's the epitome of class.
And, on top of all this, he speaks in measured, meaningful tones. He means what he says and says what he means.
Isn't this the kind of leader we need?
Aren't these precisely the qualities we want in a president? Well, aren't they?
And isn't this man someone that our kids (and, indeed our whole nation) can look up to?
So, we've made our choice:
for President

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