Monday, April 4, 2016

Stand With Those Who Take Or Those Who Make?

New Jersey Governor Christie at a news conference today: What the Speaker wants to do is, he has made a very clear position here: that there is nothing more important than rich public sector union contracts. Not Atlantic City’s school children, not the rightful debts that are owed to bond holders who have helped finance this large asset on the part of the Atlantic City government, not the casinos who have been overtaxed over the years and a court has made a judgement that they’re owed over $200 million to the City took by force from them with the right to tax illegally. 
None of that stuff matters more than a lifeguard getting a pension. Nothing else matters more than a Deputy Police Chief getting a $320,000 pay out, on their way out the door, by the way after they’ve been making $198,000 a year. The Speaker has put himself in line with the public sector unions. This administration is putting itself in line with the tax payers of Atlantic City and the tax payers of the State of New Jersey who will not bail this out any longer and we are just not going to do it. 
Now if they want to test me, they can test me. But I’m going to stand with the people I’ve always stood with in this state, which are the people who paid the bills. Not with the people with their hands out collecting the money.

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