Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Who Will Lead In Uniting The Party?

Here is a special message from Brian Burch, President of

Cruz wins Wisconsin! 

Trump in disarray. 

Ted Cruz walloped Donald Trump in Wisconsin 48% to 35%, capturing 36 of the Badger State’s delegates, with just 6 going to Trump. 

Wisconsin could be a game changer. In 2012, Wisconsin put Mitt Romney in the driver's seat for the nomination. In 2016, Trump failed to close the deal. As a result, many now predict Trump will fail to achieve the 1,237 delegates necessary to win. 

But our task is not complete... 

We are now quickly looking ahead to the key states of Pennsylvania and New York. Our strategy in those states will be highly targeted -- focused on a select number of congressional districts where we believe our resources can have the biggest impact. 

The exit polling from last night shocked the pundits. Ted Cruz won both non-evangelicals and suburb voters. Cruz even beat Trump with voters who didn’t go to college -- a voting bloc that Trump previously dominated. Republicans in Wisconsin have been battle-tested after years of relentless attacks from the organized left. They know their politics and they’re not afraid to fight. 

Wisconsin proved what we long believed to be true: Trump has the support of about 35% of Republican voters. But a strong majority of Republicans prefer an alternative. Trump could dominate in a divided field of five to 10 candidates. But with the field narrowed, Trump is stumbling. 

We are now in essentially a two-man race, and Trump is in the fight for his life. 

I want to personally thank all those who helped CatholicVote fund our radio and online ads. Your support was critical in helping us reach hundreds of thousands of Catholic voters in Wisconsin. And look what they did! 

I will have a more detailed update on our plans for New York and Pennsylvania in the next couple of days. Current polls show him with a big lead in New York and a thin lead in Pennsylvania. 

But these polls were taken before Cruz’s big win in Wisconsin last night. 


P.S. Do you know the state motto of Wisconsin? It’s “Forward.” How fitting. 

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