Monday, December 12, 2016

21 Who Dared To Stand Apart, Stand Tall!

Not all celebrities are liberals.
Not all entertainers supported Hillary and the Democrats.
Here are twenty-one who dared to stand apart -- 21 who firmly, proudly and publicly supported Donald Trump:

Hulk Hogan

John Voight

Ted Nugent

Tila Tequila

Chuck Norris

Kid Rock

Lou Ferrigno

Stacey Dash

Willie Robertson

Dean Cain

Loretta Lynn

Terrell Owens

Scott Baio

Gary Busey

Wayne Newton

Antonio Sabato, Jr.

James Woods

Chuck Woolery

Joe Piscopo

Clint Eastwood

Kevin Sorbo

To this we can add sports stars Johnny Damon, Paul O'Neill, Bobby Knight, Mike Tyson, Natalie Gulbis, Holly Holm, Mike Ditka and rapper Azealia Banks, as well as Aaron Carter, Omarosa Maingault, Jesse James and Stephen Baldwin.
That's makes at least 33.
Quite impressive!

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mjloehrer said...

Still waiting for 'The 19' to leave the country. Quoting an old axiom["When pigs fly"