Friday, December 2, 2016

We Know He's 'Off Limits' But . . . .

It's the end of one era in America, and as one First Family leaves the White House, it's time to make way for Donald Trump and his many children. While most of his brood are well-known to the public, young Barron remains a family outlier. The pre-teen son of the Donald and Melania first captivated the eyes of the world late on Election Night when it looked like he was fighting to stay awake through his father's acceptance speech. It's time we learn a few things about America's new boy-prince, Barron Trump...

Melania's only child | 0:25
Staying put | 1:06
Barron’s school is freaking out | 1:43
First White House boy in decades | 2:25
Like father, like son | 2:41
Bilingual | 3:07
Nanny or not... | 3:23
Undercover kid | 3:52

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