Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Outreach Now With An Inspiring New ANTHEM!


Last June, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia announced the launch of newly revived youth and young adult ministry initiatives in the five-county region along with the appointment of Mr. Jacob King as Director, and Megan Mastroianni as Associate Director for Youth and Young Adult Ministry. Subsequently, Abigale Gutowski was named Event Coordinator for this ministry.

Over the past nine months, this team has worked to develop a long-range plan and vision for their ministry in conjunction with Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. and Bishop Michael Fitzgerald, who oversees their ministry as part of his administrative duties. They have also worked closely with consultors from parishes and schools including parish youth group leaders and young adult leaders. Glass Canvas, a creative agency, and Jim Beckman, through the Leadership Institute Impact Center, have provided external support, research, and creative consultation. As part of the initial work outlined above a new identity has emerged for this vital ministry of the local Church.

Today’s Announcement

Today, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia is pleased to announce that the Office of Youth and Young Adults has been officially renamed ANTHEM.

The new name was chosen as a result of careful prayer, consideration, and market research to gauge what would appeal to contemporary youth and young adults.

ANTHEM has its basis in the biblical story of David as well as a musical connotation. As the warrior who slew Goliath against all odds, the figure of David gives young people inspiration to face the challenges unique to their generation. In addition to being a warrior, David was also a poet who wrote the Psalms with an authentic heart of praise, speaking deeply to the connection music has for the faith life of young people. Music invites, unites, and speaks a universal language attractive to all.

 Jacob King, Director of ANTHEM said, "We want to bring millennials the authentic Church, filled with people like them dealing with issues relevant to today’s culture. The Church isn’t a set of rules; it’s a field hospital for all of us, the wounded. We hope this revival of ministry will knock down stereotypes and misconceptions that keep people away from where they belong."

As part of its ministerial outreach ANTHEM will continue offering training and support to youth ministers, produce live events, and facilitate community service with a renewed commitment to creating a culture that allows for young people to have a personal encounter with Jesus.

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