Sunday, May 3, 2015

Christie And Obama: The Media's Double-Standard

So, let's see if we can sort this all out.

  • When Barack Obama is questioned about his involvement with unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, it's no big deal because Ayers is "just a guy who lived in the neighborhood."
  • And when the subject of Rev. Jeremiah Wright comes up (because Obama was a regular at Wright's church services) Obama and his family are clueless -- they never knew about some of those horrendously anti-American, racist statements that Wright made in his sermons.
  • And Obama learned about the IRS harassment of conservative groups during his presidency just like you and I. He never knew a thing about it before the matter came to light.
  • Likewise, Obama was "out-of-the-loop" on Fast and Furious, the federal program where undercover agents turned over rifles to drug runners that were then used to kill federal agents.
  • On the bungled rollout of Obamacare, well -- Obama was just as surprised as you and I. He explained that he was not informed there were problems until two or three days after the site was launched.
  • The discovery that the National Security Agency was spying on as many as 30 heads-of-state, including Angela Merkel of Germany? That was a shocker, too. Once again, the president explains he had no knowledge that the spying was taking place. He wasn't involved.
  • The VA scandal? Wow, where'd that come from. Obama learned about it after the fact.
  • How about the US Justice Department spying on journalists? Obama said he learned about that from the news media. He simply didn't know.

And, somehow all of this is OK. Obama hasn't been pressed much further on any of it. Gross inefficiency, zillions in tax dollars wasted, rights trespassed, racist rants, veterans treated like scum, spying on allies, freedom of the press trampled upon, laws allegedly broken or at the least ignored -- it all seems just fine.

Yet, when Chris Christie says he didn't know about a two-bit political stunt perpetrated by a few dimwits in his administration, it's instantly deemed the end of Christie's political career. Christie goes from being a straight-talking prince to a devious, scheming pariah, even though he takes bold and immediate action to fire all those involved. 

In Christie's case, the media scream: "This will never do. This just isn't presidential!"

As for the man who already is President of the United States (and has been for more than six years) well, that's quite another matter . . . . .

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