Sunday, May 10, 2015

Why Philly's Mayoral Election Is So Important . . . . .

The great Christine Flowers has written a wonderful column about what's happening in Philly right now and why it's so important. here's an excerpt:
I’ve lived in Delaware County since 1969. I love the place, but I have to say that I call myself a “Philadelphian” because, despite that whole suburban-urban divide, we really rise and fall with the strength of our big mother city.
That’s why I’m very interested in what is happening in the mayor’s race one county over. It’s not just an esoteric thing, where I look and say “hmm, wonder what those crazy folk will do on election day?”
It’s because, even though I can’t vote, I work, eat, breathe and spend most of my day among the “crazy folk,” so what happens in Philadelphia definitely does not stay in Philadelphia.
So, let me give you my “for what it’s worth” two cents about it.
I’m rooting for Lynne Abraham. When I first met her, I still had my . . . . .
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