Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Here's Justin Bieber's Ass - For What It's Worth . . .

What IS Justin Bieber's ass worth?
It must be worth something for him to keep showing it like this.
Here he is in a photo that he just posted and he's pointing to a mountain or cliff in the distance, reportedly in Bora Bora. But of course you know (and he understands) that that's not the object of the photo.
Justin's in a tough business. And he's getting older. Each day that passes may make him more irrelevant. He doesn't want to be yesterday's news. He needs a new approach, a new fan base.
But we're not at all sure this is the way to get it.
Then again, maybe he ought to link up with Miley Cyrus. They'd make quite a pair. Of course, he'd only be able to hang out with her on the days that she's into guys. But then again, maybe he'd like to share a gal with her. Who knows?
Come home, Justin. Put on a tux like the other Justin. Try seducing them with your clothes on like Bublé. Cover those tattoos. Maybe even sing the Great American Songbook. . . .

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