Friday, July 10, 2015

The South's Sublime Summer Seduction

Each summer we're drawn back to the South - and especially to South Carolina's lush low country.
Here, on a remarkable island beset with live oaks, tall pines, Spanish moss and winding paths dotted with pine cones, waxy magnolia leaves, twigs, branches and pine needles (not to mention the occasional alligator or exotic bird) we follow our way into the steamy summer symphony of intoxicating sights and sounds.
The long days and humid closeness bring everything into greater focus. The moist, saturated air envelopes us and forces us to slow down. In the process, we discover the allure of the season in all things natural.
We gain a new sense of perspective. And we haven't even approached the majesty of the nearby ocean which humbles us in a multitude of ways.
It's all part of island life -- but with a distinctive southern flavor. And the two seem to go together like shrimp and grits.
For us, well -- it's heaven!

All photos copyright 2015 by Dan Cirucci.

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