Saturday, February 6, 2016

Play-By-Play Of GOP Debate - Part 2

Trump says Obama is "totally incompetent" . . . and then he swings into an attack on China who he says "has total control of North Korea" so, he suggests, let China solve the North Korea problem . . . Now, the debate settles into a more issue-oriented mode . . .  And Christie does what he does best - He looks straight into the camera and talks to the home audience saying he will "never, never pay ransom for hostages" . . .  In the immigration part of the debate, things are not quite as lively but Cruz has a good ,moment by saying we need to build the wall and then deferring to Trump in an aside as the best person to build it . . . Cruz hits hard on immigration and has some good moments . . . Now, Rubio's about to take heat again on the "gang of Eight" immigration bill . . .  And Rubio answers boldly and definitively with specific points . . . But now here's Christie again and he plays the Governor card again . . . Christie positions himself as a fighter and he's clearly attempting to diminish Rubio -- to repeatedly depict him as a little boy . . . Christie's hoping for a late surge on the heels of this debate; he out to gain primarily at Rubio's expense . . . Will New Hampshire voters be persuaded or will they see Christie as too combative and bellicose? . . . Cruz has a funny, almost smirky, smile. It seems somewhat tentative or vague . . . The soft-spoken Carson seems like an island of rationality and civility tonight . . . Trump shines on eminent domain and makes us scratch our heads again about why he passed on the Iowa debate -- but now, when a person looses his/her property to eminent domain, the person does not necessarily get "a fortune" . . . Now, Bush goes after Trump on that Atlantic City casino eminent domain deal with the "little old lady" who owned the home near his casino . . . But now Trump turns nasty and pissy, pointing fingers and people, shusshing Bush and eliciting boos.

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