Saturday, February 6, 2016

Play-By-Play Of GOP Debate; Part One

As the GOP debate opens, Donald Trump comes out very strong while Cruz seems to try to back away from a statement he made saying Trump did not have "the temperament" to be president . . . Trump draws a clear contrast between himself and Cruz . . . and then Cruz gets hit again for suggesting that Carson was gonna drop out . . . Carson plays it cool by quoting Reagan on Reagan 105th birthday . . . Not a good debate start for Cruz . . . Then, Cruz apologizes again to Carson - a good move . . . Now, the focus moves to Rubio . . . Questions are raised about his fitness to be president . . . Rubio answers strongly and says that if the number of years you've been in the Senate or the number of bills you've passed, then Biden is qualified and he should be president, but we all know he SHOULDN'T be president . . . Now, Christie says to Rubio: "You have not been involved in a consequential decision" . . .  He says Rubio "simply does not have the experience to be president" . . . Christie hitting very hard at Rubio now and one has to wonder if this will work . . . Christie actually relentless in his attacks . . . Rubio fights back by saying Christie didn't even want to go back to his state during recent snowstorm . . . And now Bush starts taking shots as Rubio . . . It's not a pretty sight -- not a sight Ronald Reagan (who said don't speak ill of another Republican) would enjoy . . . Christie set out to rattle Rubio tonight, no question about it . . .

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