Friday, September 13, 2019

Here Are 10 Big Things That Trump Gets Right

There are plenty of reasons to find fault with President Trump. 
He can be self-absorbed, egotistical, boatful, peripatetic, quixotic, contradictory and downright exasperating at times.
But, he’s a keen observer, absorbs information quickly, often acts daringly and has good instincts.
So, let’s give him some credit. And, let’s begin with 10 Big Things that he gets right:

  1. The media are biased. As a lifetime PR pro I worked closely with the media for more than 35 years. And I can tell you that 95 percent of the members of the media are staunchly liberal. For years, they tried to keep their strong bias a secret. But Donald Trump has smoked them out. And now they are scampering like crazed cats.
  2. Republicans must fight back, strongly and quickly.   The GOP has been polite and even genteel for too long. Turn-the-other-cheek Republicanism has led to defeat, ridicule and demoralization. Plus, it’s not good for our country. President Trump answers critics quickly, fights back forcefully and refuses to suffer fools gladly. Good for him!
  3. Winning is important. In politics as in practically all other competitive pursuits, winning is the paramount goal. If you can’t win, you can’t govern. And, if you can’t govern, how can you ultimately make any difference at all? 
  4. Priorities count. You can’t lead without priorities or guiding principles. And this all begins with the simple maxim America first. As we move forward, we must renew our commitment to our own nation and put America, its people, its needs and its priorities first. When we forget this, we write the scenario for our own demise.
  5. Our allies must pull their weight. We’ve carried too much of the load too long and in too many ways to continue to bear the full burden. Those who call themselves our allies have got to step up and chip in. They’ve got to demonstrate it. It’s only fair and right for us to not just expect this but insist on it.
  6. We can’t police the world.  America can’t be everywhere at once. We can’t put out every fire, round up every rogue nation, quash every dictator, vanquish every foe. We don’t have all the answers or all the resources to solve all the world’s problems. We’ve got to pull back in some respects, if only to catch our breath and reassess. 
  7. Our infrastructure is critical. Roads, brides, highways, public transportation, cyber delivery systems and cyber security are all critical, to name a few. We need a Big Commitment and huge infusion of money to begin to turn the corner here. We’ve waited too long already.
  8. Borders are key. Without borders, we are undefined as a country. It’s as simple as that. No borders, no nation. We must enforce border security in every way possible. And, as a sovereign nation, we have every right to do this. We must continue to build the wall and complete it.
  9. If we can teach China a lesson, why not? When it comes to trade and intellectual property, we don’t have to vanquish China to teach it a lesson. All we have to do is bring about a result that alters the imbalance somewhat. That would be a big first step. So, let’s hold fast and git it done!
  10. We’re better that many would have us believe. America is still that shining city on a hill that Ronald Reagan talked about. We are a nation of good, decent, hard-working, generous, affable people. We lead the world economically and we’re a beacon of freedom, democracy and hope. As such, the steps that we take to lead and set an example for others must begin within us and proceed from there.

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