Sunday, August 2, 2015

Yo. All Youse Philly Types, Listen Up!

So we're on Facebook today watching all these photos of [mostly] Philly people boasting about the wonders of the shore. Ya know, the beach, boardwalk, bay and ocean.

They're all downashore and they DO look happy.

They're enjoying LBI, Ocean City, Sea Isle, Avalon, Stone Harbor, AC, Cape May, the Wildwoods.

Yeah, they're all braggin about it. That's right, braggin about Joizee -- the state they make fun of the rest of the year; the state they deride and sneer at; the state many of them look down at. Imagine!

Hey, this is the place of some of your fondest memories; this is where you go to get your gas and your liquor; this is where you enjoy strawberries and blueberries and tomatoes and sweet corn; this is where you come boating and crabbing and fishing and where you come to dine at the water's edge and entertain your kids on the Boardwalk.

Don't you let us hear you jokin and makin those snarky remarks, understand? Don't you let us hear it now or anytime between now and next Memorial Day or we're gonna come git ya.

And on our way back, we'll lock the gates on ya and throw the keys away.


Oh yeah, one other thing: Learn how to drive already!

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