Thursday, August 6, 2015

Live Blogging GOP Debate - Part 4

Scott Walker forceful on terminating the Iran deal "on day on."

Paul: "President Obama gave away too much, too early."

Huckabee: "President Obama is trust but vilify. He trusts our enemies and vilifies our friends."

Carole Cirucci's assessment: "There are too many of them up there and on one is saying anything different."

Jeb Bush hit hard on Planned Parenthood funding but reminds everyone that he defunded Planned Parenthood as Governor of Florida. His pro-life position, he says "is informed by my faith from beginning to end."

Rubio: On abortion - "Future generations will look back on the history of this country and call us barbarians."

Trump says he "evolved" on abortion in part because "friends of mine were going to abort a child, but they didn't and that kid has turned out to be a superstar."

Bush denies he ever said those nasty things about Trump but says Trump's language "has been divisive and I want to win. You can't win by being divisive" Then, bush goes on to extol his record.

Trump calls Jebb "a true gentleman."

And now Jebb really looks like a class guy and a uniter.

Kasich gives an out-of-the-part answer on "if you daughter came out as gay" and he says "because we don't agree on something doesn't mean I can't love my daughter." And he adds "I'm gonna love my kids no matter what." He talks about attending a gay wedding, loving your friends and giving your children unconditional love. Here's the deal: Kasich is a Big Winner tonight right here with this answer. This could be the biggest moment of the night. It's stellar. Heartfelt. Real, Natural. Sensible.

As we enter the final part of the debate we can say that this does not appear to have been a good night for Trump. On the other hand, the biggest gainer tonight has probably been Kasich.

Calmest: Ben Carson, The guy is smart but also comforting. Unflappable.

Most bellicose (after Trump): Cruz and Paul

Huckabee on transgenders in the military: "The military is not a social experiment. I'm not sure how paying for transgender surgery for a member of the military makes our country safer. The job of the military is to keep out country safe; to protect our country."

Paul: "We ought to quit sending aid to countries that hate us."

Paul: "We're borrowing a million dollars a minute. We've gotta stop somewhere."

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