Thursday, August 6, 2015

Live Blogging GOP Debate - Part 5

Beautiful answer from Ted Cruz on God, scripture and Jesus. Brave and forthright.

Kasich talks again about "not leaving anybody behind" and "uniting our country again."

Walker says "it's only by the blood of Jesus Christ that I've been redeemed from my sins."

Rubio: "God has blessed us. He's blessed the republican candidates with some very good candidates. The Democrats can't even find one."

Carson gives a beautiful answer on race and God. "Those who want to destroy us are trying to divide us and we shouldn't let them do it."

Christie: "I'm a conservative pro-life Governor in a state where it's hard to be both. We need to stop worrying about being loved and start worrying about being respected and that's the way I'' lead the country."

In his closing statement Cruz breaks from the pack to tell us what he would do on his first day as president.

Carson ends with a wonderfully human, funny and loving closing statement. He's a gem!

Huckabee ends with a clever joke/story that makes us think he's talking about Trump but is actually talking about Clinton.

Walker says he's been described as "aggressively normal." And indeed he is!

Bush: "We can fix these things." Very practical But uninspiring.

Trump goes back to his strong message: "We're in trouble. We don;t win anymore. We have to make our country great and I will do that."

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