Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Defining Event, A Touchstone, A Thrill!

Sheriff David Clarke. Actor Robert Davi. Judge Jeanine Pirro. And the Vice President of the United States.
These are just a few of the speakers that we enjoyed here today at National Harbor (on the Potomac) as part of CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference. And we met new friends from South Dakota, Texas, Wisconsin and New York.
CPAC is always invigorating.
It reminds us of the values we share, the rightness of our cause and the stake that we all have in our nation and its proud legacy. It brings us together to remind us that we are, indeed all in this together.
This is an unprecedented year for the conservative movement -- truly a watershed year and the most important year in the history of modern conservatism. It also marks the first time since 1981 that a Republican president will be part of CPAC during his first year in office. That will come tomorrow.
But when Vice President Pence told us tonight: "This is our time!" you could really feel the thrill of this grand moment. The opportunity that awaits us is something that we've been hoping for and working for and praying for -- for a long, long time. This is America's first truly conservative administration in nearly 40 years.
To be sure, CPAC is not for those who lack stamina.
We always say this will be our last year at CPAC. The venue is cavernous. The crowds can be crushing. The lines and the waiting for program events and speakers can be tedious, to say the least. But more often than not, it's worth it.
For American conservatism, this is the year's defining event -- the touchstone.
It's where it all comes together.
And tomorrow's lineup is really spectacular.
Stay tuned!

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