Friday, February 10, 2017

Listen Up: Here's What He Needs To Do NOW

It's tough.
Tough being president and keeping troop morale up. But that's what you have to do. Because if you can't do both at the same time you're not going to survive in the job. It's that simple.

So, here's what President Trump needs to do right now.
He needs to take to the stump. He needs to get out on the hustings. He needs to get out into the real America, surround himself with Trump's Troops and reignite them while replenishing his own spirit and determination. It's time for the President to be amongst his people -- to gain strength from them and to give them what only he can give them, and that is the sheer brio to keep on going, to fight back, to hit back hard and win. It's been too long since he's done this.

No, we're not in the middle of a political campaign. But we're still in the middle of a campaign -- a campaign for the future of our country; a campaign for hearts and minds; a campaign to reclaim America. This is a long, tough journey. Barack Obama understood this. And he excelled at this sort of thing. He knew how to pump up crowds and arouse the faithful to the point where he would intimidate the opposition and tell his opponents to back off. Trump can do the same thing. He knows his loyalists better than anyone and he knows how to get what he wants and needs from them.

So, message to White House: Get President Trump out of the White House and away from Mar-A-Lago and Trump Tower. Get him out into the grassroots. Arrange some Big Rallies in Ohio or Iowa or Alabama or Wisconsin or Kansas or Tennessee or any of the states that he easily carried -- states where his army is big and loud and ready to roar. And pull out all the stops. Let's let those who think they have us on the run know that we're coming over the hill with our pitchforks and they'd better scamper pronto if they know what's good for them. Grrrrrr!

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