Friday, February 24, 2017

In The New York Times? REALLY? Today?

Our thanks to Jeremy W. Peters for quoting us quite correctly today in the New York Times as we were interviewed at CPAC:
Here's the excerpt from the story "Stephen Bannon Reassures Conservatives Uneasy About Trump":
It was not as if the support for Mr. Trump, who will speak to the conference Friday morning, is not enthusiastic.
These should be good times for conservatives — and much of the time they are. They control not just the White House but both houses of Congress and appear on the verge of regaining a majority on the Supreme Court. They have not dominated so many state governments in close to a century.“I always said he’s not a stupid man. And if he has the right people around him he’s going to do the right thing,” said Daniel Cirucci of Cherry Hill, N.J., who was standing in line on Thursday evening to listen to Vice President Mike Pence, a conservative he said he deeply admired. “I think he realizes the enormity of the job,” Mr. Cirucci added. “Now does that mean Trump is going to stop being Trump? No.”
We complimented Mr. Peters when he interviewed us in a packed hallway (Carole Cirucci was interviewed as well) and told him that we appreciated the care that he took with the interview. He was very courteous and attentive.
Click here for the full story.

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