Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What Kind Am I? Well, What Kind Are YOU, Anyway?

So here's what happened.
A friend asked me if I was a social conservative.
And I have to admit that it sort of stumped me for a moment. To be sure, I don't even like the term "social conservative." It's too limiting and it sounds too negative. And besides, I'm not in the least bit anti-social (chuckle, chuckle).
But it was still a good question that my friend asked because it set me to thinking about what kind of conservative I really am.

And so, I guess I'd have to say that above all I'm a Ronald Reagan conservative. After all it was Ronald Reagan who made me a conservative in the first place. He's really the reason why I became a conservative.
Or, to put it another way he's the person who seduced me into the conservative movement.
As many of you know prior to that I was a lifelong liberal.
Ronald Reagan was certainly a happy and inclusive conservative warrior. He made conservatism meaningful and palpable to many, many people who might not otherwise have even taken an interest in politics, let alone conservatism.
So, thinking further about that kind of conservative I am, I came to the conclusion that you could probably call me a confetti conservative.
That is to say that I'm a cheerful conservative.
I want to sprinkle conservatism on everyone, like bright, shimmering confetti.
I want people to look upon conservatism as something that should be welcomed and celebrated. I really want conservatism to reach everybody like a refreshing shower of freedom.
This is the kind of conservatism that empowers people; that puts money back in people's pockets through tax cuts; that gives people more economic opportunity in their day-to-day lives through successful, job-creating businesses; that gives people greater freedom by eliminating government regulations and entanglements; that welcomes old-fashioned rugged individualism and encourages people to pursue their most ambitious dreams; that respects and values every person, every human life; that honors deeply held religious beliefs and convictions; that strengthens ordinary Americans; that values strong families and family life.
Isn't that the kind of conservatism that we should all be striving for? Isn't that the kind of conservatism that is intertwined with the very promise of America itself? Aren't these the kind of values that our founders had in mind when they penned our sacred documents and created our nation in the first place?
Yes, conservatism should be welcomed. It should be celebrated, it should belong to everyone, it should mean opportunity for all.
So, that's the kind of conservative I am -- an opportunity-for-all conservative and a Big Tent conservative who wants to share the rewards and benefits of conservatism with everyone!

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