Saturday, February 18, 2017

'Willfully Blind?' That's What It Seems Like . . .

Our Facebook friend and Daily News columnist Stu Bykofsky writes:

Jorge Ramos is willfully blind
The Univision anchor on Michael Smerconish's CNN show this morning gave a new excuse for the illegals.
They come here "to make our lives better," he said.
Every year I interview a newly naturalized immigrant who came here legally. Not one has ever said they came here to make MY life better. They are here, they say, for opportunity, coupled with freedom. And that's fine. That's why my grandparents came here. Legally. It's why Mayor Unhinged's grandparents came here. Legally.
Ramos and Smerconish were talking about the sympathetic case of an illegal woman who used fake ID and was ordered deported. Ramos said her children are trying to defend her, and that parents should defend their children, not the other way around.
To his credit, Smerconish observed giving a pass to illegals with children would encourage more to come here and have children right away -- insurance against deportation.
Ramos did not have an answer.
He did say he was surprised that Trump, the son of an immigrant, would be so terrible about immigrants.
He neglected to mention Trump's mother was a LEGAL immigrant. In fact, Ramos never mentions legality because that is a losing argument for him.
He also called Obama "deporter in chief." That's partially true, so where were the marches calling Obama a racist?
We need a solution and we won't get one until the illegals and their enablers, like Ramos, admit what they did was WRONG and some measure of punishment is called for.
THEN we can seek a fair solution -- and mass deportation is not it. The majority of Americans don't want that.
But they don't want to be treated as idiots or racists either, for requiring obedience to our law.

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