Saturday, February 4, 2017

Mad As Hell; Not Gonna Take It Anymore!

A Facebook friend writes:
I am astounded at the hysteria about the immigration ban. Does anyone actually read anything before getting hysterical? 
The banned countries WERE LISTED BY OBAMA as COUNTRIES WITH TERRORIST ACTIVITIES. Did you read that Democrats? The ban WAS FOR 6 MONTHS UNTIL WE COULD FIND A BETTER WAY OF VETTING. It wasn't forever and it wasn't without reason. Did you read that Democrats? CLINTON AND OBAMA ALSO BANNED IMMIGRANTS FROM SOME MUSLIM COUNTRIES. Did you read that Democrats? 
For G-d's sake. More important: How many of you have just blah blah blah'd on Facebook instead of going out and actually doing something for an immigrant? In fact, how many of you have helped a homeless American or an American veteran or ANYONE, or are you just blah blah blah-ing? Put your money where your mouth is or you look ridiculous blah blah blah-ing. 
And yes, I have done something for Veterans and the homeless. A month ago, I collected $1000, contributed and bought diapers, wipes, Tide and Bounce for a homeless shelter in Ft. Lauderdale. I contribute to veterans' causes. I was a volunteer duing the Mariel boatlift and helped about 50 Russian immigrant families. Of course, none of these were/are potential terrorists. 
What have YOU done beside talk? There! I said it!

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